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4 years 1 month
Topic Spotlight
2012 / PDF
Course Description: Creating, purchasing or investing in a business or other venture requires a systematic approach. This course focuses on venture development and analysis processes from the point of view of an economic development practitioner.
Resource Producer: Nazko First Nation
2 years 9 months
2015 / PDF
The following pages outline the Commission’s central conclusions about the history and legacy of residential schools and identify both the barriers to reconciliation and the opportunities for constructive action that currently exist.
Author(s): The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
4 years 1 month
2012 /
This manual is intended to outline the  Education Department’s financial and education service supports offered to eligible learners preparing to enroll, or currently enrolled, in post-secondary education.The creation of this document was funded by the New Relationship Trust. This document can be used as a template for other communities to use and customize to fit their needs.
Resource Producer: Sekw'el'was (Cayoose Creek Band)
6 months 2 weeks
2017 / PRD, Word doc
Course outline and sample certificate submitted by Ditidaht First Nations to New Relationship Trust for the 2016 direct support project.
Resource Producer: Ditidaht First Nation
10 months 2 weeks
2017 / Word
Templates for Post Secondary funding policies and associated form templates. 
Resource Producer: Toquaht Nation
10 months 2 weeks
2017 / PDF
Training course outline that covers the technical skills and topics needed to be an administrative professional, specifically focused on desktop applications such as Outlook and Word. 
Resource Producer: Kwantlen First Nation
1 year 10 months
2015 / PPT
PowerPoint presentations for the Ske'sen Team Training.
Resource Producer: Seton Lake Band
1 year 10 months
2015 / Word
The Tsal’alh Government (Chief and Council) is responsible for effectively leading and governing the Tsal’alh community.  Building upon both the Tsal’alh Government Strategic Plan,dated Jan 17, 2014, and the Tsal’alhmec St’át’imc Nt’akmenlhkálha Plan (Comprehensive Community Plan) Findings, dated March 2015 this plan, updated on May 25-26, 2015, represents the will of Tsal’alhmec realized through...
Resource Producer: Seton Lake Band
2 years 8 months
2013 / PDF
Education has been called the “new buffalo” for its potential to contribute to the economic, social, and political well-being of Indigenous peoples in Canada (Stonechild, 2006). Despite gains in education among Aboriginal peoples in Canada, there continues to be gaps in educational attainment. This editors' introduction explores some of the realities underlying educational trends among Indigenous...
Author(s): Jerry P. White, University of Western Ontario; Julie Peters, Academia Group Inc.
2 years 8 months
2013 / PDF
This study examines some of the ways institutional policies and practices can support or hinder the successful transition to post-secondary education for Indigenous people. Tracing the path from Indigenous high school student to post-secondary education applicant and utilizing knowledge gained from interviews, focus groups, and online surveys as part of an institutional ethnography approach, we...
Author(s): Jean-Paul Resoule; Angela Mashford-Pringle; Maya Chacaby; Christine Smillie; Candace Brunette; Gail Russel